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    ben greenway Newbie

      I can see for the attributes on a queue that ConsumerCount is available, but there is no equivalent for the ProducerCount.


      We find that for diagnosing system issues, seeing the ProducerCount on a queue is very important to diagnosing outages/problems.


      Is this attribute available somewhere, or can it be added?



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          Yong Hao Gao Master

          I don't think it is there for you.


          I'm not sure your use case, but one producer can sent messages to different destinations. It hardly belongs to any queue.

          So browsing producer count based on queue is not a good idea.



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            ben greenway Newbie

            Use Case


            With openMQ can do this:


            /opt/sun/mq/bin/imqcmd -u admin -passfile imqbroker.password -b msgserver:7777 list dst -tmp, this provides output such as:


            Name                     Type               State   Producers  Consumers           Msgs          
            A                        Queue              RUNNING  1          2          0      0      0.0
            B                        Queue              RUNNING  0          0          0      0      0.0
            C                        Queue              RUNNING  0          1          0      0      0.0


            From this I know that I have a component that listens for queue C and is started, however the component that publishes to the queue C is not started.


            I have written a command line tool to provide similar output from hornetq but cannot get the producer count since it is not exposed.

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              Clebert Suconic Master

              A producer doesn't have any server's state with HornetQ, hence you won't find this exposed.. and there won't be a way to do it.


              Messages are sent towards the ServerSession through our connector's mechanism (Netty | InVM).



              BTW: do you want to share your tool? :-)

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                ben greenway Newbie

                Yes I will be happy to share the tool and scripts.  What is the best way to provide it?

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                  Clebert Suconic Master

                  You should:


                  - Sign the contributor's aggreement on jboss.org

                  - Create a JIRA and provide a patch with the code and some tests.


                  The patch could be easily produced with svn diff > some-file.patch



                  You should also open a dev-thread discussing design.. etc




                  We can give you commit rights if you want to maintain the tool after the commit was accepted.

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                    Joe Schmoe Newbie

                    Yes please!  I would love to use this tool.

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                      ben greenway Newbie

                      Will certainly look to take the steps to contribute. Sorry got side tracked with other items this week.