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    EJB spec violation or JBoss 6 bug?

    Laird Nelson Apprentice

      Perhaps slightly off-topic, but I'm seeing an error in JBoss and want to  check with this community first to see if it's a spec violation instead.


      WITHOUT COMMENTING ON THE DESIGN, if it can be  avoided, since it's not mine and I don't yet understand why these  choices were made, and focusing solely on what the EJB specification  permits, is the following legal:


      XBean implements  XInterface (remote, as it happens; shouldn't matter)


      YBean  implements YInterface


      XBean has:
      private YInterface  y;


      YBean has:
      private XInterface x;


      This is not  strictly speaking circular, but JBoss blows up at  deployment time that suggests that  circularity is involved.  I am wondering if that is because this is a  specification violation, or because JBoss 6 M3 has a problem here.


      And now the stuff that I don't think matters:


      The beans are in their own jar files.

      The interfaces that the beans implement are in THEIR own jar files.

      Everything is in the lib directory of an ear.