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    JOSS 5: authorization across wars

    Muralidhar S Newbie



      We are porting from JBOSS 4.2 to JBOSS 5. Our application is made up of multiple war files. We use "FORM" based login for authentication and protect the pages using security-contraints in web.xml.


      The login form authentication happens in main.war. After the authentication, we can access the protected files from /main/* as per the constraints specified in main.war's web.xml and things works fine.


      The problem we are facing is, unable to access any protected files from other war files though the logged in user has required roles. For instance, we have another war file named "applgui.war". Applgui.war also has some constraints defined in the web.xml file, but we cannot access any files from /applgui/*.


      How to access the protected pages from other war file ?