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    what the means of this warning

    Sunay Shah Apprentice

      Hello All,


      What this warning means ?         


      warn[18:08:27,451]: Node for  replace by response with id orderedList not found in document
      Actually i have following structure
      on button click this ordering list is reRendered, my problem is at first time this list not shown up and giving above warning but if i put this rich:ordering list inside <a4j:outputPanel with ajaxRendered attribute having true then it displays ordering list properly.
      Sunay Shah
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          Nick Belaevski Master

          Hi Sunay,


          This warning means that you are trying to re-render the node that doesn't exist in the client DOM tree. Common reason of this problem is toggling components by AJAX; so that when component is switched from non-rendered state to the rendered one, update fails. Correct way of doing this is re-rendering of parent container component (e.g. a4j:outputPanel, and ajaxRendered="true" is not necessary at all BTW). There's a special mode in a4j:outputPanel activated by setting layout="none" that's developed to support toggling items by AJAX.

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            Sunay Shah Apprentice

            Hello Nick Belaevski


            It is really nice to hear from you, it is that what  exactly i want. Many thanks for your answer. So what i understand is at first time if i haven't set the layout  the richfaces cannot emit that panel , and after refreshing it emits the panel over there than it places the panel [span] over there. so For the consiquent request it rendered properly. if we set the layout to none by default it emit the panel over there at first time as well so on first request it will find the id



            Anyways once again many thanks


            I assure you have a gr8 day ahead


            With Respect

            Sunay Shah