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    how to highlight selected node in <rich:tree>

    Rajesh Gowda Newbie



      I am using richfaces v3.3.1, i am using rich tree and i need to highlight the tree node when it is selected(clicked).

      I tried the following way and it was selecting the whole row in the tree area, but i want to select only the text


      following is my code,


      <rich:tree id="tree" var="item" switchType="ajax"
      value="#{managedBean.treeNode}" ajaxKeys="#{null}"
      and i have the css as
      .tree-node-selected {
         background-color: #99CCFF;
      Following i have attached the image of the present behavior, and i would like to achieve as it is in the second image.



      can somebody help in this .....


      Thanks in advance,