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    Deployment of EJB on ESB Stand-Alone

    Mikael Jørgensen Newbie



      I'm about to develop some backend functionality that has to be exposed as webservices through a JBoss ESB.


      So far it consist of a number of EJB3 stateless session beans and a number of webservices which are a thin layer just passing the call to the webservice on to the session beans.


      I made the initial version more or less based on the business_service sample that was included in the JBoss ESB 4.7 - and it all ran nicely in a JBoss AS 4.2.2. with the JBoss ESB 4.7 installed into the JBoss AS.


      Now, I have to move the functionality to a JBoss 5.0 ESB Stand-Alone server - which gives a bunch of problems.


      And basically my question is, can I deploy the EJB part on the ESB Stand-Alone server at all?


      I have repacked the ejb part and can deploy the ear file on a JBoss AS 5.0 - but if trying to move the ear file to the JBoss ESB 5.0 all sorts of errors arise - as if it is not aware of stateless beans etc.


      So I just wondered if what I'm trying to do is impossible.


      Any help or clarification on this is greately appreciated.