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    Using jboss-ra.xml to override ra.xml property values?

    Charro Gruver Newbie

      We are using WebSphere MQ as our JMS provider in JBoss AS 5.1.  The ra.xml specifies a couple of RA specific properties that are not part of the connection factory configuration, and therefore cannot be overridden in the data source.


      I am led to understand that ra.xml properties may be overridden with a jboss-ra.xml file.  I have been unable to find any documentation or posts about how to actually do this.


      We are reluctant to unpack the wmq.jmsra.rar and edit its ra.xml file...  I generally shy away from messing with packaged files.


      Has anyone used a jboss-ra.xml file to override default values in an ra.xml?