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    How to specialize classloader for one EAR

    Jeff Greif Newbie

      In JBoss 4.0.5GA,  I am deploying a single EAR, containing 2 WARs.  The EAR supplies several jars in its /lib directory to the WARs.


      I need to use a classloader for the EAR which specially handles one jar that is not in standard format, and makes the loaded classes from that jar available to the classloaders for the WAR.  The easiest way, conceptually, would be to either


      a.  insert my classloader in the hierarchy between the one for the EAR and the ones for the WAR, or


      b.  replace the normal classloader for the EAR with my own, which presumably would extend its normal functionality with special handling of the special jar


      Is it possible to do either of these things via the various configuration files?


      It is OK to put the classloader class files into some place outside the EAR if necessary, and possible, though not desirable, to modify the EARDeployer or MainDeployer configuration.


      Thanks in advance.