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    Richfaces binding/lib problem

    Derk Dukker Novice

      Hi all,


      I need to bind the HtmlCalendar (<rich:calendar) to my java code, also see: http://seamframework.org/Community/DynamicFormFields#comment132498


      I use Jboss Tools with Maven2. In my EJB project the HTmlCalendar class is not available but when I add this to my ejb project it is:




      When I open my page I get a ClassNotFound which is obvious because I set the scope to provided. I know the War and EJB use different classloaders but how can I bind the HtmlCalendar class to the <rich:calendar>? Binding an HtmlInputText is not a problem because that one is in the API interface I guess, why isn't HtmlCalendar in it? I really need to have this.