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    RichFaces 4.0 and JSF 1.2

    Maynard Witten Newbie

      As far as I have read release documentation, then 4.0 requires JSF 2.0. I guess - this is rather strong requirement, because migration can be no easy. Primefaces, e.g., maintains two branches - 1.x and 2.x for 1.2 and 2.0 JSF respectively. Is there tutorial how to migrate JBDS 3.0 JSF 1.2 project to JSF2.0. Besides - I would like to keep my project running on JBoss 4.3.2, because this is compatible with the recent stable Drools release (I had problems to run Drools on higher JBoss servers).


      Some of the 4.0 features are sounds really, really nice - like scrollable ExtendedDataTable