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    toggle "rendered" property by a4j:commandButton

    Peter Irmstadt Newbie


      I am workign on a web shop application using Seam and RichFaces.

      The shopping card is displayed inside a scrollableDataTable. Before integrating a4j I used a "outputText" control to show the text "shopping card is empty" instead of the empty table by setting rendered="#{not empty cart}" on the table.

      Is there any way to rebuild this behaviour using a4j? (I want to show/hide the text and the table depending if the table is empty or not)

      Thank you in advance!

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          use the same structure.. just update it properly after ajax actions. Conditionally rendered elements should not be updated directly via ajax - some parent should be updated to perform ajax show/hide. outputPanel is one of the right tags for such parent definition,.