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    Remote access ejb problem?

    akhtar qureshi Newbie

      Hi ,

               I am deploay  my war in jboss server and ejb in my another jboss server access ejb  remotely working fine.

      But when i am using apache-tomcat 7.0  as  my web server and i deploay my war to apache tomcat server and ejb in  application server as jboss. here i am fail to deploy.



      So please  suggest me


      1.  is it possible to deploy war in web server as (apace-tomecat) and ejb  in application server(jboss)?

            if yes then please tell me  configuration steps.


      2. Is it jndi  property work in web server?



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          Peter Johnson Master

          1) Yes. The only extra configuration step is to include the necessary JAR files from the jboss_home/client directory in the WEB-INF/lib directory of your WAR file.


          2) You need to make sure that your JNDI properties in your WAR file references the correct location of JBoss AS. If Tomcat and JBoss AS are on the same machine, you can leave the JNDI properties at their usual default settings. If JBoss AS is on a different system, you need to use the currect hostname or IP address in the properties.