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    CDK Generated component with property type Object[] creates

    Matt Wheeler Newbie

      I am attempting to generate a component using the CDK. However, if I have a property of type java.lang.Object[], then an invalid import statement is created in the resulting taglib.

      For example, say I have the following property in my component configuration file:

       <description>A list of the selected values.</description>

      The resulting Tag.java class contains the following:

      import java.lang.Object[] ;
       if (this._selectedValues.isLiteralText()) {
       try {
       java.lang.Object[] __selectedValues = (java.lang.Object[]) getFacesContext().
       } catch (ELException e) {
       throw new FacesException(e);
       } else {
       component.setValueExpression("selectedValues", this._selectedValues);

      This can of course be duplicated with a property of any name, and with type Object[], but in my case, I actually don't even have to define the selectedValues property, as it is part of an extended component. However, since the target of the EL comp.setSelectedValues(Object[]) is Object[], I cannot change the type. Is there any way to get around this, and make the CDK not generate the invalid import (java.lang.Object[])?


      Matt W.