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    Envers single table Inheritance does not work? (3.5.3)

    Ron Piterman Newbie



      I am having some issue with wrong class returned from a relationship...


      The following test checks that envers returns the correct class from a relation of a versioned entities, where the relation points

      to an entity with  inheritance.


      The test fails on the last line, where envers returns the hierarchy root entity, instead of HierC3


      Should that work, or is it the expected result? Could my config be wrong somehow ?


      Thanx in advance, Ron


      (Test maven project is attached)




      HierMiddle extends HierRoot
      HierC1 extends HierRoot
      HierC2 extends HierMiddle
      HierC3 extends HierMiddle


      Test code:


              begin(); // start new tx
              AudParent parent = new AudParent();
              parent.getHiers().add( new HierC3() );
              entityManager.persist( parent );
              end(); // end tx and commit
              Number first = getAuditReader().getRevisionNumberForDate( new Date() );
              AudParent p = entityManager.find( AudParent.class , parent.getId() );
              Assert.assertNotNull( p );
              Assert.assertEquals( p.getHiers().size(), 1 );
              Assert.assertTrue( p.getHiers().get( 0 ) instanceof HierC3 );
              p.setName( "new name" );
              entityManager.merge( p );
              Number second = getAuditReader().getRevisionNumberForDate( new Date() );
              Assert.assertFalse( second.equals( first ) );
              AudParent prev = getAuditReader().find( AudParent.class, p.getId(), first );
              Assert.assertNotNull( prev );
              Assert.assertEquals( prev.getHiers().size(), 1 );
              Assert.assertTrue( prev.getHiers().get( 0 ) instanceof HierC3 , prev.getHiers().get( 0 ).getClass().getCanonicalName());