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    inputNumberSpinner - how to overwrite <tr> attribute inside inputNumberSpinner component

    Cavin Le Newbie



      I have two tr settings in my css and and the inputNumberSpinner coding as below:


      .form-table tr {
      line-height: 18px;
      height: 18px;

      .form-table tr.small {
      line-height: 9px;
      height: 9px;


      <rich:inputNumberSpinner minValue="1" enableManualInput="false"  styleClass="small" 
                                       id="taskerDeployLengthSpinner" value="#{cvTasker.duration}" required="true">




      How can I make inputNumberSpinner compnent to use the tr.small class instead of the tr class ? I thought that by setting the styleClass="small" will works but it doesn't. What did I do wrong?


      Please help,


      Thank you