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    Pojo Cache instrumentation does not work as expected


      Hi *,


      I am using the following configuration for doing the instrumentation:


        <prepare expr="field(* @org.jboss.cache.pojo.annotation.Replicable->*)" />

      Accordingly with the user guide:
      • We intercept the field of all access levels (i.e.,                   private ,                   protected ,                   public , etc.) The main reason being that we consider all  fields as stateful data. However, we can relax this                   requirement in the future if there is a use case for  it.
      • We don't intercept field modifiers of                   final and                   transient though. That is, field with these modifiers are not  stored in cache and is not replicated either. If                   you don't want your field to be managed by the cache,  you can declare them with these modifiers, e.g.,                   transient.



      Based on these I do not expect to have instrumentation for private static final Logger LOGGER = Logger.getLogger(..).

      But I see code generate to intercept the LOGGER access.


      Also I can see instrumentation classes generate for all my transient fields.


      Do I miss something?