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    classloading isolation problem / jboss AS 5.1.0

    Alain Bergeron Newbie

      I have this very simple problem (in appearance) :




                --> commons-collections3.2.1.jar

           --> War1.war

           --> War2.war



      Both war1 and war2 use commons-collections3.2.1.jar (but that is not the point).


      There is also an old version of commons-collection in



      Whenever I try to access the CollectionUtils.isEmpty method from commons-collections, I get a NoSuchMethodError since this method does not exist in the common/lib/commons-collections.jar.


      But I wan't to use the commons-collection3.2.1.jar that I packaged with my application.


      I have tried all sorts of things such as :

      - jboss-classloading.xml

      - manifest.mf

      - ear-deployer-jboss-beans.xml

      - war-deployers-jboss-beans.xml

      - jboss-app.xml


      but I could not get anything to work.  Not to say that the documentation for these files is almost inexistent which makes it a dummy "try all possibilities" task.


      Some people seem to have succeeded in fixing classloading problems, but I could not.


      Can someone explain a basic solution for the above simple case or can someone point me to a thorough official documentation (not just wiki stuff).


      Thank you.