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    rich:calendar time ui:compositon problem

    yabel b Newbie

      something happend with rich:calendar and the pop up showed up when you want to capture time with richfaces 3.3.3.

      I tried many patterns and with all of them the hour minute pop up does not appear. This happen

      when my body.xhtml is part of a template


      This is a part of my template.xhtml


      <ui:include src="body.xhtml" />




      This is a part of  the body.xhtml file




                                               <a4j:outputPanel id="calendar" layout="block">
                                              <rich:calendar id="dateScheduleId" value="#{scheduleBean.dateSchedule}"
                                                  locale="Locale.US" popup="true" datePattern="d/M/yy HH:mm"
                                                  showApplyButton="true" cellWidth="24px" cellHeight="22px"



      Internet explorer Message: Object expected
      Line: 117
      Char: 2
      Code: 0



      when i try only the body.xhtml in my explorer it works great, the problem is when I used my menu, header and footer stuff.

      With firefox there is no problem at all, i can capture 07:00 pm.


      Maybe I am doing something wrong,


      Hope you can help me.