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    Get all nodenames

    Sebastian Herbst Novice


      is it possible to get all Nodes from a deployed processdefinition ? Actually I only need the names of all states/tasks for rightsmanagement, but I need them before the process starts.

      (I'm using jBPM v.4.3)


      Any suggestions ?

      Thank a lot

      Sebastian Herbst

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          HuiSheng Xu Master

          Hi Sebastian,


          So easy,  You could cast ProcessDefinition to ProcessDefinitionImpl and invoke getActivities() method.

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            Sebastian Herbst Novice

            Thanks a lot for the quick answer.


            For completeness:


            public List<String> getAllNodes(ProcessDefinition processDefinition)
                    ProcessDefinitionImpl processDefinitionImpl = (ProcessDefinitionImpl)processDefinition;
                    List<? extends Activity> activities= processDefinitionImpl.getActivities();
                    List<String> nodeNames = new ArrayList<String>();
                    for(Activity activity : activities)
                    return nodeNames;