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    Audit reader Query help needed

    Syed Mahdi Apprentice

      Hi All,



      I am working with hibernate 3.5.3 and  Envers that comes with it. I am trying to make auditreader querries to coem up with results:
      My RevisionEntity is customized and looks like this:

      public class LossShareRevisionEntity  {
          private int id;
          private long timestamp;
           private String username;
      private String screenName;
      /*getters setters follow for each*/

      How can i get to make a query where I can list all the revisions made by a certain username,
      when i use


      AuditQuery queryForEntities = auditreader.createQuery().forEntitiesAtRevision(MyEntity, revisionNumber);


      It searches for username in the Audited Entity like Customer_aud so ofcourse it is going to throw exception as there is no column username in Customer table. I tried to find something like "AuditEntity" in the same package but i couldnt find RevisionEntity to replace the part in  queryForEntities.add().
      So how can I list all the revisions on the basis of username in _revision_info/revinfo table. It should be the same way if someone wants to find revision on the basis of timestamp but i didnt find any examples for that either or that would ahve helped.
      Any help will be appreciated.


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          Syed Mahdi Apprentice

          for anyone out there needing help:



          reader.createQuery().forRevisionsOfEntity(entity, false, true)