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    Upgrading HornetQ in a live environment

    Joost van de Wijgerd Newbie



      I just updated one of my client apps to use version 2.1.1.Final while my server is still using 2.1.0.Final. The client cannot connect due to the server not being compatible with the client?


      This behavior is a major blocker in putting HornetQ live as a core component in my cluster. Once I pick a version I can never upgrade without breaking all my existing clients. Are there any plans on fixing this? Is there a workaround or should I go for the commercial version?


      I am in a situation where I will have over 200 server nodes connecting to the HornetQ cluster.  This is an environment that is 24-7 and can have 0 downtime (as a whole). We are currently sending 30K messages per second at peak load. Now if I would need to upgrade (or want to upgrade) my HornetQ server all my nodes would instantly break. The other way around I can never update the client library.


      I really like the performance, scalability and simpleness of HornetQ but this is a real showstopper for me. Suggestions on how to fix this are welcome