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    JbossESB:  Transparent fail-over  and High Availability

    munimanjunath kalapati Newbie

      In our project we have  a set of  external webservices  for which I need to create proxies in jboss esb.  These services are hosted on two servers primary and secondary for high availability,   when primary server is down all the requests are  delivered to secondary.  Hence, each service is having two Endpoints  one for each server.



      Is it possible from jbossesb to redirect the message request  from  primary to secondary server  transparent to the service client ?


      Is there any  alternate approach implemented in this kind of scenario  like  redirecting  all the requests to  a loadbalancer   like HAProxy

      which takes care of  load balancing and failover ?  BTW: All the requests are  ESB unaware coming through httpgateway


      The section in Advanced Topics is not helping  to address  my issue any help is appreciated,   It has a usecase for jms as gateway  but we are using http gateway.