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    listShuttle Partial Refresh

    Lee Marsh Newbie

      I have a question about refreshing listShuttle lists, but let me first explain what I'm trying to do:


      On the page, there's one or more drop down lists above a listshuttle. When the user makes a selection in any of the dropdowns, it should filter the number of items available in the sourceValue side of the listshuttle. If the user has beforehand moved items to or from the targetValue side of the listShuttle, those changes should be perserved.


      What is actually happening, however, is when an option is selected in the drop downs, the sourceValue list is updating as expected, but the targetValue side of the list is reverting to its original values.


      Is there a way to only refresh the sourceValue side of a listShuttle? This seems like something that would be fairly common; could someone kindly direct me to an example?