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    Problem with <rich:panelBar> and <a4j:repeat>

    Hugo Barona Newbie

      Hi everyone.


      I'm trying to code and rich:panelBar to receive news and create its panelBarItem dynamically with a4j:repeat.


      It creates all the panelBarItem's correctly with the information, but when i'm going to click on a specific panelBarItem, it doesn't expand for i see its content!


      Can anyone help me with this problem please?






      <rich:tab label="Noticias">
                  <rich:panelBar width="150px" rendered="true" immediate="true">
                      <a4j:repeat value="#{queryBean.news}" var="new">
                          <rich:panelBarItem label="#{new.header}">
                              <h:outputLabel value="#{new.body}"></h:outputLabel>
                              <rich:spacer width="100%" height="2"/>
                              <h:outputLabel value="foda-se"></h:outputLabel>





      My queryBean is the Bean used on jsp page. My news is an ArrayList<New>. New is a class for define the structure of a new.


      Thank you.