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    JBPM4.4: XMLUtil.element(Element, String, Parse) always returns null

    Kevin Moodley Newbie

      This method uses the org.w3c.dom.Node.getLocalName() method.

      In my environment org.w3c.dom.Node is implemented by com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.dom.NodeImpl in JDK 1.6.


      Unfortunately, in this implementation the getLocalName() method always returns null.


           * Introduced in DOM Level 2. <p>
           * Returns the local part of the qualified name of this node.
           * For nodes created with a DOM Level 1 method, such as createElement
           * from the Document interface, and for nodes of any type other than
           * ELEMENT_NODE and ATTRIBUTE_NODE this is the same as the nodeName
           * attribute.
           * @since WD-DOM-Level-2-19990923
           * @see AttrNSImpl
           * @see ElementNSImpl
          public String             getLocalName()
              return null;



                Which implementation of org.w3c.dom.Node should I use?

                How do I get that implementation to be picked up instead of the default com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.dom.NodeImpl.[Note: Using Maven]