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    Two wars on jboss5 clustered nodes:with same cache config and clustername but with different shared tranport

    Smitha Nair Newbie



      We have two webapps deployed on jboss5 clustered nodes.


      These 2 webapps are having the same cache configuration and same clustername to get the cache shared across these webapps and the clustered nodes.

      In each of the cluster nodes we are deploying both the wars.



      But in the cache's cluster config, the singleton_name given for <UDP> is different for each of these wars.

      Other wise it was giving(illegalstate exception: cluster 'x' is already connected to singleton transport).


      So now these two wars will use same cluster but different shared transport.


      Will it create any performance / resource utiliation issue.


      (We use jbosscache-core3.2.2.GA.)


      can any please comment on it.