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    TreeNodeImpl using commandLink for events

    Erik Brink Newbie

      I have seen examples do the following inside webpages

       <h:outputText />

      Now I am wondering if this is possible in just java aswell.
      Currently we are building a tree as:
      HtmlTree tree = new HtmlTree();

      getData builds TreeNodeImpl like:
      TreeNodeImpl<Module> rootNode = new TreeNodeImpl<Module>();
       Module rootModule = new Module("root", "hidden", "");
       TreeNodeImpl<Module> testNode = new TreeNodeImpl<Module>();
       Module test = new Module("module", "WORKSHOP", "");
       rootNode.addChild(testNode.getData(), testNode);
       return rootNode;

      What I would like is that only my leafs will fire an event instead of everything when I use the nodeSelectedListener.
      When I use TreeNodeImpl I run into the problem that I can't get it to fire an action to the actionListener that I set (a backingBean). And on top of that I can't manage to get a htmlOutputText pasted on it to make it look nice in our tree.

      Has anyone tried to do this before? I could really use some help figuring out why I am not getting an event, and how to rectify that.