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    Tags not found in TagLib

    Anton Brass Newbie

      Hey guys,


      I trying out richfaces and have the problem that some tags work and others not.


      E.h. <rich:panel> works but on <rich:simpleTogglePanel switchType="client" label="Add AJAX capability to existing JSF applications"> I get following


      Error: javax.servlet.ServletException: /templates/main.xhtml @11,60 <rich:simpleTogglePanel> Tag Library supports namespace: http://richfaces.org/rich, but no tag was defined for name: simpleTogglePanel


      My richfaces-ui-component.3.3.3.Final.jar contains the definition in Meta-Inf/rich.taglib.xml.


      My pom.xml, web.xml and faces-config.xml can be found attached to this thread.


      I'm using JSF 2.0 and Glassfish v2.1.1.


      I totally have no idea why it doesn't work.


      I tried a lot of possibilities to call the panel. My last one is:


      <ui:composition xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"


          <rich:simpleTogglePanel switchType="client"
              label="Add AJAX capability to existing JSF applications">
              The framework is implemented by using a component library. The library
              set Ajax functionality into existing pages, so there is no need to write
              any JavaScript code or to replace existing components with new Ajax one.
              Ajax4jsf enables page-wide Ajax support instead of the traditional
              component-wide support and it gives the opportunity to define the event
              on the page. An event invokes an Ajax request and areas of the page
              which are synchronized with the JSF Component Tree after changing the
              data on the server by Ajax request in accordance with events fired on
              the client.               


      This code works fine for panel, but doesn't work with simpleTogglePanel oder panelMenu...


      I hope somebody can help.