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    Jboss+Spring integration example with code details

    subba reddy Newbie

      I need the detail explanation\example about how to integrate spring,jpa and hibernate example with jobss.


      I know the spring,hibernate and jpa ,but I am new to integrate above technologies with Jboss.


      After seraching in jboss community ,I found that where to keep jboss-spring.xml and spring deployer jar.But I didnot find deatiled explanation about like what code need to put in jboss-spring.xml and how to interact with database.



      I would be pleased ,if anybody provided with all explanation to implement jboss with spring and what code need to be write in which files and files location where to put in project directory and how to deploy and run the application in jboss.


      Or how to create spring ,hibernate project using jboss server in Eclipse IDE.


      If anybody provided with all explanations ,would be very helfful.