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    Can I run the JOPR gui behind mod_proxy with different base url?

    Andy Akins Newbie

      I want to do the following:


      Apache Box --> proxy --> JOPR server


      Set up as:


      ProxyPass /jopr/ http://jopr.host.name:port/jopr/

      ProxyPassReverse /jopr/ http://jopr.host.name:port/jopr/


      Or even


      ProxyPass /jopr/ ajp://jopr.host.name:port/jopr/

      ProxyPassReverse /jopr/ ajp://jopr.host.name:port/jopr/


      I figured out out to set the ports in the property file, but...


      But the server is starting up with a base URL of /.


      The apache server has other content - so I can't proxy it out of / - but if I proxy /jopr/ to / on the jopr server, links are messed up (which I would expect).


      So can this be done?