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    rich:calendar with yyyy-MM gets cleared upon icon click

    Arief Zaki Jumodi Newbie

      Hi All,


      We were trying to customize the rich:calendar component to suits our "legacy" component that supports month-selection calendar. Based on this workaround [http://relation.to/Bloggers/RichFacesCalendarForMonthsSelection], we encountered some issue.


      First, our page is having these tags to display the calendar:


      <rich:calendar value="#{mthCal.selectedDate}" mode="client"
                                        styleClass="mth-cal" />
                    <a4j:commandButton reRender="out1" value="Verify Date"></a4j:commandButton>
                    <h:outputText value="#{mthCal.selectedDate}" id="out1" />



      Upon icon-click, the input text will be cleared automagically and we're kinda unsure if our approach really supported at the first place. The intention is still using popup mode and when the popup shows up, the user could only see month selection since we have hide the remaining days-grid using the css trick.


      Anyone has any idea about this issue.

      Please advice.



      p/s: We're using RF-3.3.3, JSF1.2 (Mojarra), IE8