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    auditreader query: how to list revisions on a manytoone relation

    Syed Mahdi Apprentice

      Hi All,


      I am trying to write a query for a relationship between an department that can have Many employees


      Now i am trying to write with a list of employee-Ids




      but this will take a LIST of employee objects not a list of Integer Ids (right??)


      So, I tried







      But there is no such method in() with AuditRelatedId object.


      So My question is that if my class is like this:


      public class Department{


      private Integer Id;


      private Employee employee;



      public class Employee{

      private Integer id;

      private String name;

      private String contarctingcompany;



      Then I retrieve a list of Employees belonging to a contracting company. from where I get all the Ids  of those employees now i have to find the revisions for the department that contains those employee Ids. (Can i use Employee Objects to retreive the department in the first query.add i wrote ??) If the requirement requires me to use Employee Ids as the search criteria is there a possible way for it.


      Im trying but not able to get through.

      Any help will be appreciated.