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    Layout and/or Look and Feel of Portlet Content

    Al Cilcius Newbie

      This is probably a stupid RTFM question, and feel free to point me to the correct FM section to read if so (and I apologize if it is indeed a RTFM that I missed).

      I'm using GateIn 3.1.0GA with JBoss Tools, and working through Seam examples with the Portlet Bridge (including Wesley Hales examples on Vimeo).



      I design XHTML pages in Eclipse, have CSS style sheets for them, and they look good when previewed in Eclipse Web perspective's preview pane.  However, when I deploy to GateIn, all screen layouts, sizes, etc., disappear and are at the mercy of GateIn's layout/positioning/styling.  How can I make my deployed porlet in GateIn look like the preview pages I see in Eclipse?