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    Buttons not being skinned in google chrome

    Osvaldo González Newbie

      Hello, I'm doing a sample application to get involved in richfaces and have found a little view problem with google chrome. I have a set of pages connected by navigation rules in my faces-config file. The home page is a login form with two fields and a button (a4j:commandButton) into a rich panel. The first time I go to that page everything is ok, when I submit the form with appropiate data, it takes me to another page. But if I go back to the login form (using a link in the "welcome" page), the button is rendered as a simple html button, without any skin. I have CONTROL_SKINNING parameter set to enable in my web.xml and it just happens with chrome, It works fine in IE8 and FF. This "error" is gone if I add a redirect page to the corresponding navigation rule, but i would like to see if there's another solution. Thanks in advance