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    JBPM mail using JSF expressions, how?

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      Developement: I have developed a process definition in JBPM (3.2.3) and integrated it within a JSF web application. I am using managed-beans (which I have set in "faces-config").

      Goal: I would like to use the values that the user enters in the web interface as the values for the mail.

      Outcome/Issue: The email that is being sent is empty and includes nothing. It seems that my beans are no being recognized by jbpm mail


      How do I use inputs values by user in interface (JSF) as values for jbpm mail attributes such as to, subject, text, etc...?

      Which expressions do I use?


      See my code below:


      This is my processdefinition.xml section for mail

      <timer duedate="5 seconds" name="TimerWebApp-2">
                   <action class="org.jbpm.mail.Mail">
                          title: #{timerBean.getTitle}
                          desc: #{timerBean.getSummary}


      thanks for the assistance

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          ... And  this is my class that deploys the process and starts job executions

          public void execute() throws Exception 
                  ProcessDefinition processDefinition = ProcessDefinition.parseXmlResource("TimerProcess/processdefinition.xml");
                  JbpmContext jbpmContext= JbpmConfiguration.getInstance().createJbpmContext();
                      // Create an instance of the process definition.
                      ProcessInstance instance = processDefinition.createProcessInstance();
                      JobExecutor jobExecutor =  jbpmContext.getJbpmConfiguration().getJobExecutor();

                      if  (jobExecutor==null) {
                          throw new JbpmException("no job executor configured in resource  ");