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    jUDDI in cluster issue

    Mike Finn Newbie

      We have 4 servers configured in a cluster ('all' config), using a single DB for jUDDI (changed using the tools/schema changer script). Services are deployed to all nodes in the cluster, as are JMS endpoints. Here is the weird thing - when I start each server in the cluster, only the last server started gets its endpoints registered in the binding_template table. The previously started server's entries get overwritten. So, each service only has a single entry in UDDI, even though it is running on 4 servers. If the request lands on any server (front ended by apache jk proxy) besides the one whose endpoints are registered (the last to be started), the service fails with an error about not being able to find DLQ:


      "Registry details for service [JBossESB-Internal:DeadLetterService] could not be determined from the registry."


      Any ideas? Seems like jUDDI is not aware it's in the cluster?