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    Combobox binding problem

    Blanca Hernandez Newbie

      Hello, I am trying to select the values to make a combobox. This is the code:


      <div id="box-categories">
                  <b>Filter by topic</b>
                  <rich:inplaceSelect id="cat1" binding="#{mycompany.htmlnplaceSelect}" onchange="javascript:refreshResults(); return false;">
                                              <f:selectItems value="#{interfaceContainer.documentFormContainer.selectOnes['cat1'].items}" />


      Object mycompany.htmlnplaceSelec  type is HtmlInplaceSelect, when I make getValue() in onselect, I get null value.

      I tryed also instead of binfing, value, with the same result.


      This the my java code:

      public String getStringValue(){
            if ( this.selectOne ==null || this.getSelectOne().getValue()==null)
                return "";
            return this.getSelectOne().getValue().toString();


      Any ideas??


      Thanks in advance