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    How to deploy a plugin to my system

    aaron ehrensberger Newbie

      I need some advice on how to tackle this problem...and I'm not sure the way I approached it was correct...


      I have a .war that contains my application and it is deployed in our Jboss server in the deploy directory.  Inside that war, I have a WEB-INF/lib directory that holds all my .jar files as well as third party .jars that we use.


      Now, I want to enable someone to write their own, self contained .jar file that has one class that implements an interface that I publish.  Taking that jar and dropping it in the same lib file, the classes/interfaces wire up perfectly.  My issue is, that plugin .jar also has some third party libraries that need to be deployed.  Can I not have these third party .jars nested in the plugin .jar?  If I explode/extract the plugin's jars and toss them in the lib directory, that will work, but I'd rather not force people to do that.


      Also, will I have class loading issues if they use a different version of the jar that my application is using out of the box?


      Please advise,