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    MetaMatrix and SharePoint Web Service

    Randy Shea Newbie

      I'm using MetaMatrix 5.5 sp4.


      I've run into an issue where there is a Excel file on SharePoint that I would like to bring into MetaMatrix. I know that this is horrible design, but I can't do anything about it: a different group in my company built an appliation for our users to lo information and it is using an Excel flat file as its database. This is the file on SharePoint I want to bring in.


      Currently, we are bringing in the data using an Access 2003 mdb as a bridge to Sharepoint. We're running update code to pull the data from the linked SharePoint file into a local table. That local table is what we're bringing into MM. We tried to pull the data straight in via the synonym, but we couldn't get that to work. Using the Import Wizard it would show me the synonym objects- I could select them and finish the import, but it wouldn't pull in the column definitions from the objects. I would only get the name of the base table. My theory is that SharePoint is blocking the connection attempt because credentials aren't being supplied. I could very well be wrong about this, though.


      Now we're trying to pull in the data direct from the SharePoint via its WSDL and MM's Web Service as Relational Source Model. It will pull in correctly, but I can't figure out what I need to do next to define the XQuery. I'm also worried that I may run into the same credentials issue.


      Has anyone been able to successfully pull data from SharePoint into MetaMatrix?

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          Ken Johnson Newbie

          Hi Randy,


          Given that you're using MMX 5.5.4, you may want to take this issue to Red Hat Support (GSS).  They can help you with product support issues.


          Regarding the current issue, modeling via the Web Service to Relational approach is tricky.  The import wizard will build a model based on the WSDL but the quality of the model depends on the quality of the WSDL.  Also understanding how to write a query against is a bit unintuitive.  The XML-Relational Connectors doc provides good background information on this.