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    XMPP or WebSockets in JBOSS AS

    nimo stephan Master

      Does JBOSS AS contains an XMPP-Server ?


      I want to use XMPP instead of JMS and it is annoying to run an additional server like Wildfire.

      Does JBOSS AS 6 has a XMPP-build-in Server?

      Is there any possibility to include jars into the JBOSS-AS Server to enable XMPP-Server-Services?



      Does JBOSS AS 6 supports WebSockets ?


      JBOSS AS 6 is shipped with JETTY (and no more Tomcat), am I right?

      JETTY 7 has now server-support for WebSockets. Does JBOSS 6 includes JETTY 7?



      It would be fine, if JBOSS AS has build-in support for XMPP or WebSockets.