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    Domain Management -  Add a OSGi Configuration Admin façade?

    David Bosschaert Expert

      Looking at the Domain Management Requirements it struck me that it could be an interesting idea to provide an OSGi Configuration Admin-based API over it.


      OSGi is one of the few technologies that provides a standard for managing configuration, the OSGi Configuration Admin Service (Chapter 104 in http://www.osgi.org/download/r4v42/r4.cmpn.pdf).

      The benefit of providing such a façade is that AS7 components written as OSGi bundles would fit in really naturally with the Domain Managed Configuration as they would receive that configuration through the standard OSGi APIs. It means that they don't need to contain any JBoss-specific configuration code and it would even be possible to configure OSGi components that weren't even written with the JBoss Domain Management in mind (although a transformation layer would probably need to be added in that case).


      The OSGi Configuration Admin specifies just an API, both for setting as well as for receiving configuration. The latter is probably most relevant in this case. Looking at it from a high level, I think this façade could be easily added over the existing Domain Management architecture.

      It already caters for requirement 11 in that in OSGi Config Admin dynamic reconfiguration is the norm.


      If people think this is an iteresting direction to go, I can help with fleshing out some of the details of how this could work...