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    Pages.xml: issues with resource bundles and internationalization

    Nic Essling Newbie



      as described in the reference guide, I can use #{some.key.name} in navigation.xml to internationalize the labels in the navigation. However this doesn't seem to work with pages.xml. In 02portal.war:/WEB-INF/conf/common/common-configuration.xml I can specify the portal.resource.names and the classpath.resources. If I add a key of any of those bundles to pages.xml, e.g.






















      Neither portal.key1, which is in this case the title of the browser window, is translated nor portal.key2, which here is the title of the portlet. Well, a portlet may have its own bundles conatined in the war file, but first I didn't manage to set the title of the portlet window with such a bundle and second, I would like to be able to override that title in pages.xml as a portlet might occur on several pages.


      Any ideas?