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    Help with Configuration

    Deepak Dewangan Newbie
      Here is my question and what I want to accomplish::
      Say, I have two hornetQ brokers: broker-1 ( deepakd1-linux ) and broker-2 (qisf-deepakd):
      1) I want to create duplex/two  bridge between broker-1 and broker-2 so that messages can flow both ways
      2) I want to disable all message flowing between broker-1 and broker-2
          for all the topics and queues
      3) Now, I selectively want to enable message flow between broker-1 to broker-2 and vice-versa for few selected topics/queues.
      4) I would also like to bring in 3rd broker which would be connected to both the brokers in similar way.
      How can I achieve this using the CoreBridge properties ?
      All brokers described here would be HornetQ hence CoreBridge can be used.
      Thanks a lot.