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    Is using JSF Richfaces recommended for low bandwidth networks (<64kbps speed)?

    som moh Newbie

      Hi All,


      I am developing an application which would be used by offices where the bandwidth is very low. Its around 64kbps or may be less. I am developing the application in JSF using RIchfaces. I see that whenever i run my application, two files ui.pack.js.jsf (662KB) and framework.pack.js.jsf (312KB) gets downloaded to the "Temporary Internet Files" folder of Internet Explorer. First of all what is the use of these files. Does it get downloaded every time I start a new session? Since these files are so huge (normally internet files are around 20 KB to 80KB) and if we access the JSF richfaces application from a low bandwidth place (around 64kbps or less speed), then wouldn't it make the application slow? Is there any workaround to this. Is is not recommended to use JSF Richfaces in low bandwidth networks?