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    Regarding Java Objects passing across .esb

    Santhosh Chandrasekaran Newbie

      Created two .esb's to explain the scenarion.


      ESB1 (dummyEsb.esb) - Create a custom object and pass the same to two ServiceInvoker
         ServiceInvoker1 is very much in the same dummyEsb.esb -
          Here we are able to TypeCast the org.test.action.CustomVO.
         ServiceInvoker2 is very is in a different ESB ESB2 dummyEsb1.esb(below mentioned)

      ESB2 (dummyEsb1.esb) - 
         Here the Exception what we got
         java.lang.ClassCastException: org.test.action.CustomVO cannot be cast to org.test.action.CustomVO


      Note:- The class resides very much in both .esb.We Don't have compile time error while building .esb or deploying .esb to server

      Attached the zip contains the 2 .esb and Logs.txt for the exception details