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    Issue with async servlets when using jboss 6 M3

    B N Newbie

      I am facing issues when trying to use asynchronous servlets with JBOSS 6 M3.


      I have a AJAX based client that can send multiple xmlhttp requests (concurrent) handled by servlet 3.0 based async servlets.


      This works properly only for the first set of threads (i.e., first 6 requests in Chrome, first 2 in IE/firefox).

      Beyond that, the responses gets mixed up and I also get null pointer exceptions on the server.


      I have attached a simple test application & the war file.

      Each servlet handler waits for 30 seconds before responding.


      Testcase involves modifying the text field and clicking on the change content button. The response will arrive after 30 seconds.

      This gives room to modifying the text field and clicking the button several times before the responses start arriving.


      Find the following files attached;

      JobAsyncServlet.war   -- web archive

      jobAsync.tar.gz   --- source code.

      jobAsync.exceptions --- exceptions seen when exceeding the no. of threads as explained above.