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    Setting up mod_cluster with apache httpd in Visual Studio

    Neeraj Tickoo Newbie

      Hi All,


      I am a newbie so apologies if the question turns out naive. I have the solution of apache httpd(downloaded from apache website) imported in visual studio 2008 and that is working and building fine. Are there any instructions that I can follow to integrate mod_cluster with this solution in visual studio 2008. I want to build the httpd with mod_cluster modules from visual studio if that is possible.


      I tried this:


      I guess the following 5 files of apache httpd were changed in mod_cluster modules. Rest are either new or same.







      So, I copied the above files to their counterparts in the existing modules of apache. Then I created separate projects for jboss_mod_slotmem, jboss_mod_advertise, jboss_mod_cluster, jboss_mod_manager and copied in them their respective files. The projects were created as .dll projects and the properties for the projects were set same as the other projects in the apache httpd like mod_alias etc....


      But now I cant get the solution to build. I am getting this error:


      error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _cluster_send_interim_response referenced in function _ap_proxy_http_process_response

      error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _cluster_timeout_parameter_parse referenced in function _set_worker_param


      I guess the above error makes sense as the functions of cluster_util.c are getting called from other projects and cluster_util.c has no corresponding header file which we could have included in them.


      Can anyone give any input on how to get the mod_cluster set up in Visual studio 2008 or may be any other version of visual studio ?  Also any pointers on how to overcome the above error?


      Thanks a lot. I would really appreciate any inputs. (If it is helpful I can also attach the dump of the error I am getting in visual studio.)