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    Exception handling in ESB

    vishnupriya subbiah Newbie


      i am new to jboss and ESB.. am wking with a proj where there is a service inside which there are 2 actions


      a message is passed to action1 it does some process and passes it to action2. action2 does something and returns the result to consumer..



      my scenario is when there is some exception in action1 then the service should break and return the message to consumer instead of going to action2


      can any1 help me in doing this..?

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          Tom Eicher Newbie

          action1 can terminate the pipeline by returning null.

          Cheers, Tom.

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            joe_boy12 Novice

            I want to send custom XML reply when exceptions happen so I wrote following in @onException method..

            somehow its not sending custom message but sends a complete stack trace of exception that caused the execution on this method. Any idea?


            public void error( Message msg )
            if( log.isInfoEnabled())
              log.info("+++++++++++++++++++ In error() +++++++++++++ :: OUCH " + msg.getFault());

            String error = "<fault code=\"111\" order_id=\"O1234567\"><cause desc=\"SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED\"/></fault>";

            HttpResponse response = new HttpResponse(200);
            //HttpResponse response = HttpResponse.getResponse(msg); // throws NPE