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    a4j:queue on rich:menuitem

    Ravi kiran Kuchika Newbie

      Hello All,


      I  am trying to add a4j:queue on rich:menuitem. My menuitem is populated from  backend. menuItem has menu1,menu2,menu3 and each menu item is being  associate with an action and inturn seperate page. My requirement is..  if user click on menu1,menu2,menu3 conitnuously only menu3 should get  loaded menu1 and menu2 should not load.I place a4j:queue as



      <a4j:queue ignoreDupResponses="true" onbeforedomupdate="alert('on before dom update');" />


      and my menuitem is:





      rich:menuItem binding="#{menuItem.htmlMenuItem}"  submitMode="ajax"></rich:menuItem>



      but menu1,menu2 and after that menu3 is being  loaded. From the debuggers i got that for every menu click its invoking  the action and returning to the respective page.


      Can  any one suggest me whats wrong i am doing??


      Thanks  in advance

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          Ilya Shaikovsky Master

          I didn't got how the queue related to the case and in general case details. Please clarify more on code involved.

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            Ravi kiran Kuchika Newbie

            Hi Ilya


            I just have a menuItem which is prepared in the backend through backend. My requirement is when user select the menu items continuously like menu1,menu2, and menu 3 i want to show the response only for menu3 not for menu1 and menu2. For this i am trying to put all requests in queue and making ignoredupresponses to true so that it accepts the latest selection i.e menu3, could you please suggest any other way rather using queue??


            my code is as follows


            <rich:menuItem binding="#{menuItem.htmlMenuItem}" submitMode="ajax"/>


            and i placed the queue inside form as


            <a4j:queue ignoreDupResponses="true" onbeforedomupdate="alert('on before dom  update');" />



            Thanks in advance.