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    Jboss - 5.0 and 5.1 having warn of Interceptorsfactory

    akhtar qureshi Newbie

      This kind of worning always occur but its not affact the application but may be affact in performace

              some of my friend tells this kind of working occure in jboss 5.0 but it resolved in jboss 5.1 but still face this worning in jboss 5.1


      10:31:48,456 WARN  [InterceptorsFactory] EJBTHREE-1246: Do not use InterceptorsFactory with a ManagedObjectAdvisor, InterceptorRegistry should be used via the bean container



      please tell me


               1. Why this worning occure and it means?

               2. How to come out of this warning (any configuration steps or...)